Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The State Of Heaven On Union: Thoughts I'm Too Sick And Exhausted To Flesh Into Real Posts

I made one shady judgement call, and all I got was this stupid cold. Well, among with a few other things, but mostly, this stupid cold. Even my immune system is immune to some things. Fuck.

I'm never more on the fence about relationships than when I'm sick. First of all, I'm a huge baby about it, so I'm really glad no one romantically involved with me is usually around to see me in the same tank top and jeans for 3 days straight (after wearing said tank top to bed two nights in a row,) and whimpering softly like a hit puppy while rolling around on my bed amongst the used tissues.

On the other hand, I've decided that you really have to love and be committed to someone to want to be around them when they're sick. I mean, Jesus Christ, it's a marriage vow, for fuck's sake. But it still doesn't mean it's any sort of pleasant business. Case in point: I normally run an abnormally low body temperature around 96.8 degrees, but when I'm running a fever, I physically burn up while mentally registering that I'm chilled to the bone. And me and my sweaty/chilled body just want to be clooooooose to yoooooooou. Ick.

Times it's good to be single: Check. Because though I'm all about warning people when I'm sick so that they can keep their distance (unlike some, apparently), being with someone who doesn't want to be close to you when you're at your most degrading and disgusting (short of food poisoning, Montezuma' and the Chinese from last night's revenge, or childbirth,) is like being with a man who takes a shower after having sex with you. And doesn't invite you along.

...That's never actually happened to me, but it sounded really dramatic.

This is for all of you women out there who have not been invited along for after-sex showers. And all of you like mucous-addled poor souls out there. Being sick sucks. If anyone has good movies, extra body heat, or some Chinese Hot & Sour soup to deliver to this sad little address, I'd be indebted forever. Grazie mille.



  1. You're the first person aside from myself who I've heard of as running at 96.8 normally. People usually think I'm a freak.
    I'm right there with you being ill though, I've been in a general state of feeling shitty since last Wednesday. It blows.
    Feel better soon! Nighttime sudafed is Of The Gods.

  2. Hahaha. A few guys I've been with have actually fondly referred to me as "Ice, Ice Baby." I also have a fondness for sticking my cold toes behind their knees, which is generally not nice, but a few who run hotter than normal body temperatures don't actually mind it.
    I think the nicest thing that's ever been said to me about it was a guy who said, "My bed hasn't been nice and cool since you left for Italy."
    And I hope you feel better soon, too, carina!