About The Writer

Carissa Stimpfel is a recent graduate of the Professional Writing major at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. A native Vermonter, she is currently living in Burlington after spending a semester abroad studying in Florence, Italy.

Her work has been featured as a regular column in Moss On The Moon, a student-started and run zine; the Champlain Current, as both a movie and restaurant reviewer, and as Editor in Chief for Fall of 2009 and as Features Editor for Fall of 2010; as an interviewer for the Essex Reporter and Colchester Sun; has read at Po-Jazz nights in downtown Burlington and at the Willard & Maple Art Orgys; and she has been touted as "...very bright, very smart and a damn good writer," in an article by author Tim Brookes, who besides being a well-respected writer, is also one of her professors and therefore is apt to say nice things about her.

This blog, Sex and the College Girl, has also been featured on style, advice, and trend blog Smart, Pretty and Awkward.

For many years, she attended the the Green Mountain Writers' Conference, and the Vermont Young Writers Conference. In 2004, she wrote and produced her own one-act play that was featured in Mill River Stage 40's "Thirteen Ways to Hunger Mountain." Also in 2004, she won the annual Vermont Honors Competition for Excellence in Writing in her statewide freshmen-year division. That's what caused her to start thinking of and persuing writing as a career, and since her parents didn't stop her, that's where she finds herself today.

You can reach her for comments, questions, or if you want to offer her a gig or job at: carissa.stimpfel@mymail.champlain.edu .
(Marriage proposals, spam, and misdirected emails will be deleted. Slavish praise and the phone numbers of hot men always appreciated. Laughter mandatory.)