Saturday, January 15, 2011

LikeALittle, or Like A Lot?

I was at a party last night when a local celebrity walked in. No, I’m not talking about any epic Vermont personas—not entertainer Rusty DeWees, not novelist Chris Bohjalian, not even Fred Pabst the Younger, a Vermont ski mogul whose grandfather started that scion of beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, even though lots of said beer was in attendance—no, I’m talking about a real Champlain College celebrity: Mountain Dew Hat Guy.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you obviously haven’t been following the new LikeALittle Champlain page. The “About” section of LikeALittle calls it a “flirting-facilitator platform,” and says that the site’s purpose is to “allow you to compliment and chat about your crushes around you or otherwise bemoan your missed encounters from the safety of your trusty screen.” Basically, it’s a more campus-centered spin on the iSpys that Seven Days newspaper has been hosting for years, the main premise behind the site being a bastardized love-child of Twitter and your local personals. I’ll admit, I pick up an issue of Seven Days every week, just to read the iSpys. I’m pretty obsessed with being Spyed. But Champlain’s LikeALittle page, which can be found at, has taken all the guesswork out of deciphering if you were that particular cute blonde in a red scarf sighted on Church Street last Sunday night. Starting with locations around campus (residence halls, the library, in the caf, etc.) and including the gender of the person being holla-d at and their hair color as identifiers, they sometimes include articles of clothing, hints at names, or other clues that make it easier to figure out if you’re being flirted at, or if you’re just crazy and wishfully thinking.

Some messages are cute—“At Fireside: Female, Brunette. You helped me make a Cookie Jar while I sat there, struggling with the twine. Even though I'm not your type, I'm glad you cared, enough to take the time.” Some are hilarious—“Girl at the salad bar in the blue… You say ‘tomato,’ I say DAYUM!” And some are downright creepy—“I stare at that booty through [yo]ur second floor window ;).” The innuendoes are astounding. I have to say, as a peer advisor at the Writing Center, I have had to re-align my standpoint on our student body’s use of metaphor, allegory, and simile. What I’ve seen on this flirting site is a lot better and a lot more sophisticated than what I’ve seen in academic papers. Furthermore, a haiku was written, and another student corrected it—“A haiku is 5-7-5, not 7-5-7.” If we could get this sort of dialogue going in classes, we’d nearly make Mini Ivy status. It blows my mind what some people are capable of creating when they want something…or someone. That’s you, Mountain Dew Hat Guy, Bandana/Lip Ring Dude, and Cute Redheaded Girl Who Does NOT Look Like Hayley Williams.

Currently, over 250 people “like” the page, and I’m sure more visit it daily, even if they haven’t publicly endorsed their urge to creep (myself included). But what’s the draw? Is it a new sort of ego-search, like how you used to Google yourself? Is it because this is such a godforsaken small campus that we all feel the need to know the dirt on each other and who thinks who is hot? Or is this the new way that our generation has taken to meeting people and hooking up—a less lame version of, in shorter format and more geared toward getting phone numbers than to meeting someone perfectly compatible with you based on 33 personality characteristics and not your shared love of the salad bar or gym machines?

I couldn’t help but wonder as I walked into the dining hall for lunch—was I going to be looking at a post on LikeALittle later this afternoon: “At Cafeteria. Female, Blonde. Teal sweater and Champlain hat. Yeah, I like the way you eat that sandwich.”

Special to SATCG from the December 2010 issue of the Champlain Current.



  1. Hey

    First I want to say I'm a huge fan of your blog! It's really witty and creative and not the usual redundant relationship crap you read twelve times a year in Cosmo. This actually doesn't have to do with your post but I have a question for you, maybe something you could feature your next post about (or just reply to this comment haha).

    Sex scars: Hot or not?
    I have two scars on my body in fairly plain sight. People usually don't ask about them but when they do I get a little flustered because they're from sex I've had. One's like a rug burn on my knee. I'm not sure WHY it scard over because it didn't seem that bad at the time. The other's on my foot from, well a romp in the woods haha. I mean do you think a guy would find it hot to be all like 'hey you know what this is from? Awesome sex' or would they be turned off?

  2. Just went to that website. I wish our school had that!!

  3. Why hello there and thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoy the blog!

    I guess I could cover sex scars in an upcoming post I'm planning to write on similar trophies from getting down-- hickeys, bruises, bite marks, etc.-- but I have to say, I've never encountered sex scars on the list of things to think about! That being said, I myself do have a few scars from things other than sex (barbed wire, actually,) in places prominent WHILE having sex. I usually give my partners a little head's up about them, so they're not staring at them wondering and distracted while I'm trying to get my groove on.

    I'd say, if a random person is asking you what one of your sex scars is from, you don't need to tell them. They're on your body, and that's personal. However, if someone you're being intimate with asks, I'd give them the short, sweet, sexy condensed version. They may not need the full out aural porn version of how you got it, but knowing that you're down enough to wind up with some scars for your kicks definitely will be a testament to the fact you're enthusiastic!

    Hope that helped,