Saturday, January 30, 2010

Conversations With Real, Live Girls!

If you have ever wondered what women talk about when they get together, or if "Sex and the City" was over-doing it, this is for you. Real conversation between two young women, had yesterday night. I tell you the truth; you tell me no lies.

"Honestly, I'm less concerned about that than I would be about someone studying to be a GYN."

"Hahaha, truth. But a GYN would know EXACTLY what all those peices-parts are and what they do. And you wouldn't have pregnancy scares because they control Plan B So, a GYN sounds like a good deal. I must go find one."

"And remember when you were worrying about the wayward finger that had the potential to go where no man had gone before?"

"Yes. I will never forget it. Believe me. Did you encounter it as well?"

"Yes. I think it's just natural hand positioning, possibly leverage. I think it's safe."

"Thinking back, after that night, I don't think it raised its...finger...again."

"It wasn't signing a lease there, but it subletted the space for a time."

And this is why we have girl friends.


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