Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Is My Life.

Tonight, I--

A.) Ended up commando and bra-less in just a hoodie and jeans at Gypsy's apartment playing drink and strip Jenga with him, his roommate, and four other friends. Though it might seem a bit risque, this is actually one hell of a fun game.

B.) DIDN'T ACT LIKE A COMPLETE, MUTE RETARD and got to suss the whole Gypsy situation out. He was far more vocal or just drunk enough to let the fact that he has EXTENSIVELY creeped my Facebook profile, and god knows what else, out, than I would ever be about the fact that I have done the same to him. It was actually a good night, and even though I did let him off easy without a date, it was as important to see him in his natural setting as I thought it would be. At one point, he came over to sit in the double chair with me, putting an arm around my shoulder and the beginnings of some baby moves on. (I did not object. He was pleasantly warm. And his boxers and t-shirt and my hoodie and jeans were the naked barrier. Oh, so close.) The other girl who had been drinking and was planning on driving, he and his roommate, who we shall call Greece Lightning, let go. Me, they were not so into letting me leave. In fact, I was almost forced to stay, even though I was sober. Clothing was hidden. Numerous threats and offers were made. Flirting was done. Though his phone was chirping off the hook with other girls' texts, at one point, he threw it down and said, "I'm not even responding to that."

Other than being a player, he's witty, charming, eager-to-please, and very easy on the eyes. I can deal with this. I like him. We can pursue this. Case closed.

...Although I do believe one of the Never-Have-I-Evers was "eaten a girl out," and he did not put a finger down. That will have to change, stat.

C.) There is, in fact, an actual extra mattress.

D.) Had my car towed. Sploraine's, or Spillane's, or something has it. Stood in North House's parking lot, said, "My car's not here," and immediately picked up my cell and called Gyp to tell him my car was not where I left it, and that Emily and I would be coming back to figure things out. Again, the offer to spend the night was extended. Again, I really wanted my own apartment. Normally, I would have just said, "Sure-- give me a pair of shorts and an extra blanket, or better yet, make room in your own bed," but Mother Nature has mandated that spending the night in a guy's apartment right now would be really awkward. So we declined, yet again. We came back, he made sure I was relatively ok with life after a cigarette, and walked us back to his apartment, where he sat up and watched "Cheaters" with us until my ride (Super Hero of the Night Miss Jaime!) came to get Em and me. He made a PB&J. As we were getting ready to leave, he looked at me and said, "Yeah, I would have made you a PB&J, too!"

"I didn't realize there was an offer," I told him. "Next time I'll take you up on it."

I will bitch Carl Riden out in the morning and get it back then. Right now, I am in bed, and not so worried.

E.) Just got home. It is 4:30 AM. I am so thrilled with life.

New guy; no car; beer and strip Jenga.

This is college.


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