Wednesday, July 29, 2009

S.O.S-- Save Our Style

Dear Reader:

I need your help more than ever before. This is an impassioned plea-- please, help me. Help me not really screw up this whole thing I have going on by wearing the wrong thing. Dig into your fashion sense reserves and tell me: if I see Perfect tomorrow for the first time since the first week of July the day at the Mills when everything was wonky in person, what do I wear?

Here are the choices and my thinking behind them:

In one corner, I have a short and form-fitting teal cotton t-shirt dress that's made a little more casual by its pockets. I cinch it at the waist with a braided gold belt to give me visible kickin' curves. I finish it off with a pair of purple leather gladiator-inspired thong sandals, a nice contrast with the teal that says, "hey, I'm comfy but cute." (Bending in this outfit is ill-advised. It's got a relatively modest scoop-neck and adorable cap sleeves, though, so it balances the legs and skin there shown.)

I like to think that this is the outfit that would make Perfect kick himself for letting me go. The hemline is short enough to show my super-recently tanned and toned legs from all the beaching and running I've been doing, and it hugs my ass, which he knows quite well. I figure if I can get thoughts and pulse racing, it probably wouldn't hurt my cause.

In the other corner, the opponent is a pair of super-short striped navy shorts (again, showing off the legs), the same purple glads, and a tight black V-neck t-shirt with a gold stylized guitar detail on it. And I'd totally be wearing a push-up bra, yes. The dark colors show off my tan well, and it's a more laid-back outfit that basically says, "hey, I wasn't really planning on seeing you, but I still manage to look good."

Seeing as one of Perfect's best and oldest girl friends will be with him, and she's the five-foot-nine, size 2 exotic model-y looking type who looks great and all-American classic in trademark cut-offs and a tank, I was thinking I'll be dressing as much for her impression of me as I will be for Perfect's. I don't want her to think I'm trying too hard, but I do want her to tell him I'm cute as they drive back home. So do I try to dress more her style with the t and shorts, or do I go for the knock-out and wear the dress?

As for hair, I'm running a few small braids around my hair-line and pinning them back, boho-style, leaving the rest of it casually tousled. Make-up I'm leaving basic: foundation, hint of blush, mascara, and lip balm. I've got a great golden glow going on from the beach-- I figure "fresh" is the way to go.

Please, any opinions, tips, hints, or advice would be greatly appreciated with this. I know that if I do get to see him while he's in town tomorrow, this meeting could make or break the storyline of Perfect and I.

Thanks, darlings--


  1. I definately vote the dress. Its a knockout, and make him regret leaving you. It sounds absolutely adorable as well as hot.

  2. I say outfit number 2. The shorts will show off your legs... and I am pretty sure I know the shirt you are talking about... which is super hot (if it is what I am thinking of). That way, no matter where you might go or what you might do, you will look classy. And you wont have to worry about bending.

  3. Numba 2 fo sho. Like you said, it won't look like you're trying to hard and it sounds super cute. AND you'll be uber comfortable yourself and won't have to worry about bending a.k.a more time to spend thinking about the perfect flirty comback line for him. And, if an all out brawl breaks out with his chick friend, no worries about being able to lift your leg and kick her while remaining decent.

  4. I think I vote for the first outfit--but ultimately go for the one you feel the most confident and sexy in! That feeling is more important then the outfit. Good luck!

  5. In my experience men don't really dig the belt no matter how much of a fashion do it is. I vote outfit 2. It's still sexy, but nonchalant as well. Good luck <3

  6. don't know why you want my advise. probably because you don't remember i'm actually a foreigner. so yeah, i don't understand all words (what the heck is teal?), plus my fashion style is way overdue. but i'll try...
    you might be seeing this guy, right? so does this mean that you might walk into him in town? or in a club? or at a party? because if it's the first, i would go for the second outfit. it's probably more comfortable ;) otherwise, definately go for the first outfit. why not make him jealous with some other boy's attention? i'm sure you'll get some...
    let me know how it went!

  7. I vote outfit #2. Just because it sounds like it will be the one that you'll be physically most comfortable in. If you're having to constantly tug down a hemline or worry about bending, etc....boys don't like that. Especially Vermont farm boys as far as I've seen.
    I also feel the need to share with you that there was this girl at the 4th of July party that I went to that was wearing what seems would be an almost exact replica of outfit #2 and she's built a lot like you...and she looked hot! The Pownal boys (how much more VT Hick/Farm Boy can you get?!?!?!?) were drooling....and so was I. Hehe.... Good Luck!

  8. I vote for outfit #2. It's trying without trying hard or being obvious about it. Plus, it seems like you'll be more comfortable/no fidgeting to keep the hemline down.

    God speed, young Perfect seeker! Way the wind be at your back, and all that nonsense.

  9. I say go for number 2. You don't want to be pulling at your dress if it is as short as you say, that might look hella awkward. And plus, it's supposed to seem as though you really couldn't care less about running into him, correct? Go for something more casual, it will look great no matter what :)

    Unless... do you have light denim ripped jean shorts? That t-shirt would look hot with a pair of those and your nice summer tan... just a thought :)

  10. Hmm, I'm thinking outfit #2. While the first one I'm sure would definitely make Perfect regret the decision to give you up...from a best friend who is a girl point of view it might look a little trashy. After all she's there to meet you and probably doesn't want to watch her best friend fight his growing erection in the middle of it. Number two is also more practical but still cute, meaning you're not trying too hard and you won't be uncomfortable. After you I don't know what you guys are going to be doing so it seems like a safe bet that shorts and a cute t-shirt will be more comfortable for lets say...a simple walk if you chose. That way you don't hold back the group activities by what you're wearing.

    <3 The Original Roomie

  11. I would go for outfit number 2. Normally, I am a dress girl, but in this case, the belt might look a little too put-together, and the not-bendable quality of the dress speaks of a little desperation. Also, it might also make his friend feel a little under-dressed, therefore putting you in a not-so-positive beginning in her mind, even without her consciously realizing it.

    Good luck!

  12. I vote #2. You've got killer legs which will still be shown off, but you don't have to worry about a short hemline. When you look fierce and you look like you're not trying to, he'll still notice; he's after all a man. In addition, it'll make the friend think that you're hot without trying (aka give you more points in her book). If you go with the short dress, she'll clearly see that you're just asking for it... It's always good to win the closest friends over.

    Have fun. Don't do anything that I wouldn't do :D